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It is proposed to introduce the official concept of “social entrepreneur” and “social entrepreneurship” in Russia

13th of September 2013

The relevant amendments to the draft law on the foundations of social services for the population in the Russian Federation - members of the Council of the Federation

The amendments to the draft law on the foundations of social services for the population in the Russian Federation introduce the official terms – “social entrepreneur” and “social entrepreneurship”. The authors of the legislative initiative are the members of the Council of the Federation Valery RYAZANSKY and Alexander BORISOV. According to the website of the Council of the Federation, the terms will be for the first time introduced into the federal legislation to refer to small businesses and non-profit organizations that provide social services.


 “We are laying the foundation for the development of competition and the public-private partnership in the field of social services”, - said the senator. According to him, a complex legal framework providing conditions for the development of social entrepreneurship as a separate sector of the Russian economy can be formed for the first time.


 “The absence of the relevant provisions in the draft law did not guarantee private organizations access to state support in the frames of federal and municipal programs for the development of small and medium business and socially oriented non-profit organizations”, - said the MP.


In addition, the initiators of change are convinced that the draft law in its current form does not guarantee participation of social entrepreneurs in public control. This is inconsistent with the important trend of public policy aimed at ensuring the government transparency, said Alexander BORISOV. “We propose to expand significantly the rights of social entrepreneurs and their associations, and other institutions of civil society and citizens to participate in public control over the law observance and protection of the population rights in the provision of social services”.


Let us remind, it is referred to the draft law № 249303-6 “On the basic principles of social services in the Russian Federation”, which is now being under consideration by the lower chamber of Russian parliament. On May 14 the bill passed its first reading. The document was included in the tentative program of legislative activity for October 2013.