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A national ranking of regions will replace “road maps”

30th of October 2013

“We will be able to make assessments and create a platform for best practices exchange”, - said the Assistant to Russian President Alexander BELOUSOV in an interview about the next steps in creating a favorable business climate in Russia

Presidential Administration is developing the idea of the national ranking of regions, said the Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation for Economic Affairs Andrey BELOUSOV in an interview with “Vedomosti”.

 “We need to create a mechanism that will replace “road maps”. It is a mechanism to improve law enforcement”, - he said, mentioning that the implementation “road maps” to reduce administrative barriers will be completed in 2014-2015.

 “I think we will complete the implementation of “road maps” in 2014-2015 according to the President’s instruction. In general, we have exhausted the rule-making capabilities to improve the investment climate. Today the center of gravity is shifting from rule-making towards law enforcement. And this is about the work of courts, law enforcement agencies and, above all, the governors and their teams. We have an outstanding success in Kaluga, Tatarstan, Ulyanovsk and in a number of other regions”, - said BELOUSOV.

Improved law enforcement practices should replace “road maps”. The creation of such a mechanism, according to Assistant to the Head of State, is currently being discussed in the Presidential Administration together with the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Chamber of Commerce, “Business Russia” and “OPORA RUSSIA”.

 “The idea is to make something like a national ranking of regions. It will be objective and, most importantly, general use parameter for assessment of best practices in regions”, - said Andrey Belousov. He is certain that “only those things that can be influenced by the regional authorities should be assessed”: “For example, in customs regulations there is little the regional authorities can do, but in construction procedures regulation – there is a lot”.

По его словам, даже простое измерение количества процедур получения разрешения на строительство и их длительности отражает различие по регионам в 10 раз. «Мы сможем давать оценки и создать площадку обмена лучшими практиками», - отметил помощник президента.

“Even a simple measurement of the number of procedures for obtaining building permits and their duration reflects the 10 times difference between the regions”. We will be able to make assessments and create a platform for best practices exchange” - said the Assistant to the President.