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7th of August 2013

St. Petersburg Entrepreneur House held a seminar-workshop on the work of small businesses in the sphere of state orders.

The meeting was organized by two city committees – The Committee on the development of entrepreneurship and consumer market and The Committee on the state order. It was attended by the Heads of the Public Council for Business Development at the Governor of St. Petersburg, the Center for Entrepreneurship Development and Support, “Single electronic trading platform”, OJSC, and representatives of the District Administrations.

One of the key issues raised at the seminar was connected with the changes in the field of state orders, set forth by the new Federal Law No. 44 “On the contract system in the sphere of purchase of products, works and services for state and municipal needs”. Remember that the contract system that will regulate government purchases from the planning stage up to the assessment of their effectiveness shall be implemented from January 1, 2014. Igor Golikov, the Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg, who is responsible for the performance of changes in the system of urban state orders in accordance with the new Federal Law, explained that the customers will be required to purchase from small businesses at a rate of not less than 15% of the total annual volume of purchases, with a maximum contract price not exceeding 20 million rubles.

“The new law does not limit the amount of purchases carried out to small businesses, as it was. This gives the customer the right to declare every procurement procedure with the condition that only small businesses will be able to participate in it. The new law allows to specify the obligation of sub-contractors involvement for the performance of the contract, who can also be representatives of small business”, said Igor Golikov.

City authorities want to help small businesses adapt to new conditions. Thus, it is planned to create the Center of state orders, which will develop the comprehensive support for urban small businesses in receipt of state orders. The Public Council for Small Business Development at the Governor of Saint Petersburg is going to explain the "small ones" the new law on free seminars.