Neva 2013

21st of May 2013

For over 20 years since 1991 the NEVA International Exhibitions and conferences have successfully promoted the massive redevelopment of the Russian commercial maritime industries.

The great success of the NEVA Exhibition was based on the effective presentation of the most modern technologies and equipment available to meet the large-scale demands of the Russian commercial maritime industries and administrations to develop the urgently required renewal of the shipbuilding, shipyard, ship equipment industries, the sea and inland waterways shipping fleets, the marine support sector for the offshore energy expansion and for the ports systems throughout the Russian Federation.

The NEVA Exhibition Programmes provide the greatest opportunities to present and promote products and services on a practical business-to-business platform. It is fully recognized that the new technologies and engineering expertise are often available from manufacturers and suppliers outside Russia and the market is therefore "open for business" to exhibitors from around the world.


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