Rights and responsibilities of inspection (supervisory) authorities

25th of June 2013

When facing with an inspection, you need to know not only your rights but also the rights and responsibilities of those who inspect you.

There is a framework law that contains all the basic powers of controllers - the Federal Law of 26.12.2008 № 294-FZ “On Protection of the rights of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs during the implementation of state control (supervision), and municipal control”.


Knowledge of the following responsibilities of supervisory bodies will help you build a correct conversation with the officials during the inspection. Controllersare required to:

-  conduct inspections only on the basis of an order or directive from the head or deputy (make sure they have it, ask them to show you this document);

-     conduct a field examination only having presented identification cards;

-      not to prevent you or your representative from being present during the inspection;

-     during the inspection provide you or your representative with the information and documents related to the inspection;

-      present the results of the inspection to you and your representative;

-      justify their actions;

-      respect examination timelines.


You can learn more about other important responsibilities of regulatory authorities from the Federal Law № 294-FZ.

During the inspection controllers shall not:

-      inspect the requirements not related to their competence (that is why it is important to know the powers of inspection bodies);

-      conduct scheduled or unscheduled field examination in your absence or in the absence of your representative;

-      to exceed the examination timelines;


-      disseminate the information obtained during the inspection.

Original material: http://en.oldsmb.economy.gov.ru/content/entrepreneurs/m,en,655079/