Your rights and responsibilities during the inspection

27th of May 2013

When facing with an inspection, first of all, you need to know your rights.

First and foremost, you should know in which cases you can be inspected.

The inspection can be scheduled or unscheduled.

Scheduled inspections are conducted no more than once in three years. Information about the scheduled inspections can be found in the annual inspections plan. Consolidated annual plan is available on the General Prosecutor's Office website i.e. you can see it and find out if you are in the inspection list for the current year.

You should be notified about the scheduled inspection at least three business days prior to the beginning of inspection.

Unscheduled inspection can be carried out on the following grounds:

if during the scheduled inspection the supervisory authority issued an instruction, and now they want to see how you fixed the deficiencies;

if there are complaints about the possible harm or violation of consumer rights.


Unscheduled inspections should be agreed with the Prosecutor’s Office. If inspector does not have a written prove, the inspection is illegal.


You must be aware of the inspection timelines. If you own a small enterprise, total time of scheduled field inspections shall not exceed fifty hours a year. If you own a micro-enterprise, total time shall not exceed fifteen hours per year.