Who can inspect you?

27th of May 2013

Who are these controllers depends on the kind of business you have?

When doing business you will encounter various regulatory and supervisory authorities. Who are these controllers depends on the kind of business you have. Most often you will have to deal with the Tax Service, Health Inspection Service and the Fire Service.

You need to know what they are allowed to inspect and what they are not; for what you can be held responsible, and how to defend your rights and who can help you to do that.

The tax authorities

You will encounter with the Tax Service quite regularly. Depending on the tax regime you choose, you will have to fill a tax statement each year or even more often. This will be your first contact with the Tax Service.

The Tax Service can verify the information you have provided in the declaration. You may be required to do or submit the following:

You may be asked to provide the documents, which your declaration is based on;

You may be asked to come to the Tax Service and give explanations regarding tax payment;

While conducting inspections tax authorities can seize documents if they suspect that the documents could be destroyed, concealed, altered or replaced;

Tax authorities can inspect your premises, take inventory of your possessions.

If the Tax Service finds any violations, adverse consequences will follow:

You may be required to address the identified violations;

Your bank account operations can be suspended;

Your property can be arrested;  

Tax authorities can send materials to           internal affairs bodies to address the issue of a criminal case if within two months following the expiration date of the tax requirements you did not fully paid off the specified arrear. The size of the arrear suggests the fact of tax crime.


Health Inspection Services

You will have to face with Health Inspection Services (Rospotrebnadzor) if you are involved in production, you own a shop, etc.

What Russian Federal Service on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-being Surveillance (Rospotrebnadzor) can inspect?

Health Inspection Services can examine your compliance with sanitary, hygienic requirements; observance ofconsumer rights and standards of selling products.

Health Inspection Services have the right to:

arrange the necessary researches, tests, examinations, analyzes;

request you to provide the information and documents related to the subject matter of inspection.


Rospotrebnadzor is prohibited to carry out the “mystery shopping” because it is not included in the list of security measures to ensure the proceedings of an administrative offence case.


Fire Inspection Services

Fire Inspection Services can examine your compliance with the fire safety requirements.

As a company’s director you are obliged to:

comply with the fire safety requirements, regulations, orders and other lawful requests of            the Fire Protection Service officials;

develop and implement measures to ensure fire safety;

conduct prevention propaganda, and educate your employees about fire safety measures;

keep the systems and means of fire protection in working condition;

assist the fire protection brigade in extinguishing fires;

provide access to your premises to the Fire Protection Service officials on duty;

Immediately notify the fire department in case of the break-out of fire.

In the course of your business activities you may face other controllers such as Russian Federal Service forEnvironmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision (Rostekhnadzor), Labor Inspection, Police, etc.

You can learn more about the rights of the regulatory and supervisory authorities at the Federal Portal for Small and Medium Business (http://smb.gov.ru/content/guide/doingbusiness/monitoring/inspectors/)